Sogo Auction Sogo Auction ja copyright THE 93rd UNRESERVED SOGO AUCTION(NARITA) WAS FINISHED. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION. 2022/07/01 LINK TO OUR INSTAGRAM PAGE CLICK HERE!! 2022/03/24 LINK TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE CLICK HERE!! 2022/03/24 HOW TO INSTALL the ZOOM app NEED TO INSTALL the ZOOM app TO WATCH the LIVE STREAMING OF OUR PARADE AUCTION. 2021/11/17 About How to Use the ONLINE LIVE BID & ABSENTEE BID 2021/11/17 OUR BUSINESS HOURS Business hours are changed from Jan. 2019. ALL YARDS(TOMAKOMAI, NARITA, KOBE, and HAKATA) BUSINESS HOURS´╝?Mon.-Fri. 9:00-16:00 (LINCH BREAK 12:00-13:00) Every weekend and holidays are closed. 2018/12/25